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Mitch Durante's Journal

22nd October, 2004. 1:20 am. surgery #3

man im pumped, last surgery tomorrow morning, well technically this morning which means i need to get my ass in bed and sleep some but on nights like these its hard to sleep. cant wait to wake up after the surgery with the relief that this shit is all over and i can start my new life. wish me luck.

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14th October, 2004. 2:15 am. fable, nuff said

been bored in my room way to frickin long. other day i decided ill just buy an xbox and a little game ive been wanting to play for it called fable. it was then i found the remedy for my boredom and time flew by as i spent hours consumed in the gameplay. i let heather play a little but but i hogged it. i even missed 3 episodes of smallville on accident. probably the most amazing game ive seen yet, even compared to morrowind but both have their downfalls. only took 3 days to beat the main quest of fable where in morrowind it would take at least a couple weeks not to mention everything else you can do in that game. fable is just better gameplay and more fun, id say it wins but morrowind still kicks ass. i need to buy it for xbox, maybe its alot better than it was for the pc. ok this sounds like a game review. anyway, even though i beat the game i can always start a new character and become evil instead of good, grow some horns, and like use magic instead of the sword. or maybe ill become a theif, break into houses, steal shit and kill random ppl. that would be cool too. the choice is yours. you can even get married, buy a home, have sex. cant have kids though. i did think of an awesome idea, if i ever become a game developer ill come out with a game where like in fable you grow older as the game goes on but not only that, you can have a kid and once you are done with your part of the game you get too old to play and you resume the gameplay with your kid and do different shit. that would be badass. anyway waiting on summer to call me back, its a damn shame she lives in san antonio. which reminds me i need to email her back real quick, im out.

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3rd October, 2004. 9:26 pm. dilemma

ya so ive been talking to like two other (hot) girls behind heathers back cuz i simply lost interest in heather a long time ago. sadly its just been like an overplayed song on the radio, got old about 7 months ago when she started comming over everyday. that was the problem, she was around me way too much, so basically no breathing room plus a list of other negatives she has not to mention my parents arent too wild about her. so i should have broken up with her a long time ago i know but this whole relationship has been like me helping her become a better person and she has changed alot fortunately but unfortunately i feel that if i called it off she would become the same old suicidal heather she used to be. i shouldnt be with her for this reason, not the way to go. the other thing is that shes been hurt so many times by guys in the past and i promised her i wouldnt be another one. shouldnt be my problem although sometimes i feel like it is partly. for now i dont know, but i do know that once i am able to get out of the house and live life fuller and happier, i can at least start talkin to this other girl. with all this said, i dont think it'll really matter once i start college in the spring (maybe). cuz hopefully ill start meeting alot of ppl and make alot of new friends. i know ill be dating too so heather will be out of the picture in that category. whether she is apart of my life then or not, i dont care as long as we are just friends and she is cool with it... and doesnt kill herself.

oh ya, started reading the left behind series not too long ago and they are frickin badass. read the first 2 in like 5 days and am on the 3rd one. good books. and jamie no i never forgot the time you started reading the first one to me on the phone and i almost fell asleep cuz it was so late cuz you used to call me at like 2 in the morning cuz i dunno but it was cool cuz back in the day we were tight and we stayed up all night making up that fram story and it was lame but awesome at the same time.

good times.

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13th September, 2004. 10:43 pm. kind of nervous...

my life is about to change before (or should i say in between) my very eyes, haha makes no sense but it will change and tomorrow will decide how much for the better. im having "the big one" surgery #2 and im kind of nervous but excited cuz ive waited 10 long years for it. The next time i look in the mirror, ill see a different me, hopefully a more confident me who isnt afraid to be the outgoing, and happy me that i used to be. my grandparents just arrived and they will be with the rest of my family tomorrow morning. wish me luck.

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3rd September, 2004. 12:52 am. ehh

dang dude, i need to get in a car accident so i can have that many replies to an entry. jk. jus had some kroger ice cream, y would it be so good?

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1st September, 2004. 10:50 pm.

one yr anniversary!

of growing out my hair.

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16th August, 2004. 1:35 am. bored as hell

should be sleeping right now, but feel this strong urgency to stay on the comp?? wtf am i doing?? oh ya, chris congrats on all that shit, its bout time. cars, jobs, bank accounts, jesus so much responsibility so little time. need to get yur new number again, think i lost it cuz heather n i just got finished painting my room and thrashed everything for a while. while im on, might as well mention that coming from heather's place tonite i passed a house practically burning to the fuckin ground while on main street by the little gas station. freaky shit, someone must have left the oven on r somthin. o well, payce....

(marlins suck ass)

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14th January, 2004. 11:56 pm. jeez us

so many things so little time, im too lazy to type all of it, but it seems as tho these days i have 3 different lives and not just the one i had 6 months ago. i like it tho, im always doin somthin (with heather, if im not working). our relationship is only getting better btw. its cool, PAYCE.

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17th December, 2003. 12:34 pm. oh ya...

and i got 186 one time on the soccer ball game

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17th December, 2003. 12:21 pm.

go to vagenisonline.com, theres other games too that are pretty cool and addicting. helicopter game ive gotten over 5000, pong is still 622, beaten the gridlock game (40 lvls). and the space one is kinna cool too, but the record for that one is over a billion and i have a life, therefore will never come close.

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